Friday, 24 April 2015

Fab Food Friday #4

Hi there and welcome to the 4th week of Fab Food Friday. #FFF

Last week was very quiet and sadly no-one linked up but we are back this week with the hope we will get the highest number of linkers so far!!!

Last night I went to weigh-in and was pleasantly surprised at a 1 1/2lb loss. I say surprised as I have been a bit naughty this week; I have been on plan for all my meals  but have had a few naughty snacks in between meals. A visit to the park with good friends on a very sunny and warm Tuesday resulted in an ice cream treat. I didn`t have any signal on my phone so couldn`t check my app for the syn value of my chosen ice cream....a peanut butter Cornetto. I was shocked when I got home and checked the app that it had 10 syns!!!! Ooops...then yesterday at work a dozen of Krispy Kremes appeared and my favourite chocolate dream cake was there staring at me, I was good for 2 hours whilst everyone else was tucking in to theirs and refused to have one; but at the end of my shift it was still there calling me and my willpower caved and I loved every mouthful. Sadly I did check the syn value and it was a whopping 16 syns!!

This week I am back on plan 100% as I NEED to get my Club 10 award, only 1 more lb and it will be mine!!

If you love the food that Slimming World allows you to create then dont be shy, grab yourself a cuppa and show off your delicious creations.

If you do link up we would love it if you could grab the badge below for your posts to show you are proud to be part of Fab Food Friday #FFF xx

Fab Food Friday


  1. hi nice blog, feel free to read about my baking mats that are non stick perfect for baking biscuits chips etc thank you

  2. I am sure that you will get your club ten this week x

  3. Good luck with that Club 10! Mine is still a way off. My next mini target is to get under the next stone :) x

  4. Well done on a fab loss this week - The unexpected ones are the best!

  5. Oh I bet that Cornetto was worth it though ha, I really need to try one of those! Well done on your loss :) #slimmingworldsunday