Sunday, 1 March 2015

Girls Headband Crochet Pattern

Since starting to learn to crochet back at the start of the year I can`t get enough of learning new patterns to try. I have about 6 different pieces of work started at the moment but want more!!!!

There is a whole world of info out there to teach you from videos on how to learn to crochet on YouTube to complex and huge project patterns available to download from individual etsy sites.

My friend recently had a little girl so I decided to make her something rather than buy a present; now with 3 boys I don`t get much chance to be involved in anything girly or pink. So I have had a great time making this little beauty.

I researched patterns and videos and have made my own version of a few different patterns mashed together.

I hope you like it xx

Please feel free to let me know if I can make the pattern any easier for you to follow, this is my first pattern being written down so lots to learn xx

NB. This pattern is for a 4 dc wide headband, for a 5dc wide cast on 11, for a 6dc wide cast on 13 and so on if you want a wider headband.

Crochet hook size 5mm

ss - slip stitch
ch - chain
dc - double crochet
tc - triple crochet


Cast on 9
dc into 5th stitch from the hook, ch1
dc into next but one stitch, ch1, repeat till last dc is in last chain stitch
ch 3, turn work clockwise
from now on dc 1 and chain 1 into the gap between each dc till at end of work
ch 3, turn clockwise
repeat till desired headband length has been achieved.

Make sure that the final row finishes at the opposite side to the starting yarn.

place the two edges of your work together and ss the two edges together, if done correctly your two ends of yarn should now be on the same side.
knot the two ends together and weave into edges to hide.


You can use any flower pattern you like but I used the following repeated twice with different sized hooks.

cast on 5
ss into 1st chain creating a ring
ch 4, 4 tc into centre of ring
ch 4, ss into ring
repeat for desired amounts of petals, I did 3 ( if you want more petals the initial chain numbers need to increased to accommodate the petals)
seal off flower with ss into back of work and secure

To secure flower to headband turn headband inside out and use the tails of the flower to stitch around the individual dcs.

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