Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Reconnecting with childhood friends

Today saw me reconnect with my childhood best friend Elaine who I hadn't seen for over 16 years; my family moved away from where we had grown up together and lost touch.

We have been friends on Facebook for a few years, liking the odd photo or two of each others families etc, but never actually spoke to each other.

That was until a few weeks ago when Elaine got in touch to say that she had been following my exploits on my blog and had decided to start her own blog up!! I was so pleased that I had helped someone decide to start their own blog. Cue lots of messages back and forth about setting up her blog and me passing on my limited knowledge of social media.

We decided it would be easier for us to meet up rather than keep exchanging messages so this morning Benjamin and I set off the Elaine and her little boy Elliot. I was worried how we would connect again after so long and if we would have anything to talk about but I need not of worried as our little men broke the ice straight away by starting to chase each other around the room whilst giggling hysterically!!!

I hope that I have helped Elaine in starting up her new adventure with her blog entertainingelliot and can`t wait to see how it develops for her. We will have to make sure that we dont wait another 16 years to meet up.

The power of blogging is amazing and has brought us back together!!!!

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  1. Again, thank you for all your help you little star! xx