Wednesday, 16 July 2014

A Day of Tears, Happiness and Dreams For The Future

Today was Jacob`s graduation ceremony from pre-school.

Yet another milestone reached on his journey through childhood.

I am exhausted from hardly any sleep due to Ben and Alfie being ill so knew I`d be emotional, I just didn't realise how much!!

The staff at The Lantern Pre-School are some of the most caring, friendly and enthusiastic people that I know. Because of this Jacob has developed into such a lovely and clever little boy with a thirst for knowledge.

The graduation service was so lovely and heartfelt. Prayers were said, speeches made and a little presentation of certificates of graduation were handed out to each of the 6 children leaving. The certificates had a few lines on it saying what they would miss about each child. Jacobs said that they would miss his cheeky smile and lively and energetic personality.

When each child was called up to be given their certificate all the mums including me started to cry, now this is an unusual thing for me as I never cry but since having Ben I seem to cry at everything!!

My beautiful blue eyed, not so little boy x

Jacob and wife/best friend in the world Myla.

Whilst I was sat wiping my tears away I started to wonder what each child would choose to do once they left school....become a Doctor, Painter, Bricklayer, Lawyer, Nurse, Shop Keeper, Vet or being their own boss. Whatever they choose I wish all the best for them in the future.

So here is a HUGE thank you to Jackie, Louise, Lorraine, Lynette, Caroline, Lynne and all the other helpers at The Lantern Preschool for all the love, understanding and effort that you have put into Jacob`s last 2 years with you. He will miss you all so much, but not sure if you will miss his antics and the fire drills caused by him!!! And sorry guys you wont be free of the Wood presence for too long as Benjamin will be starting with you next prepared!!!

If anyone in the Poole/Bournemouth/Wimborne area is looking a 1st class preschool then The Lantern is the only choice in my eyes.


  1. Looks like a lovely day - never heard of a pre-school graduation before!

  2. Aww how lovely, but that made my eyes water just reading it so I can only imagine how emotional it made you being there! Xx