Monday, 23 June 2014

How the wind blows!

This is a completely random post so I apologise!

I`m just having a quick soak in the tub whilst the kids are asleep and the hubby is at football.

Laying here I`m enjoying listening to the hustle and bustle of life outdoors; children playing, dogs barking and people eating al fresco in this gorgeous weather.

One thing I have noticed is that depending on which way the wind is blowing depends on what I can hear.

If it is blowing one way I can here the gate shutting in the local park and the kids playing; and if the other way I can hear the sheep bleating and cows mooing in the fields a few roads away. MENTAL!!

Like I said a random post but thought I`d share.

Have you noticed the same?? Can you hear certain things if the wind blows a certain way???

1 comment:

  1. It sounds like you are enjoying the moment, but I hope you don't have whatever you are blogging on plugged in.

    I have noticed how we hear different sounds depending on what way the wind is blowing, especially now in the summer when we sit outside in the evening. When the wind comes from one way we hear the nightlife in Lagana and when it comes from the other direction we hear dogs barking. In the winter when it is quite sometimes we can hear the sea.