Monday, 16 June 2014

Diono Cambria Car Seat Review

Bella Kidz is a newly launched parenting website who`s aim is to help all parents at any stage on their parenting journey.

The website is a treasure trove of advice and guidance regarding educational issues, health and childcare, as well as regular competitions and details of activities in your local area.

Bella Kidz philosophy is that family time together is essential. That is why the Bella Kidz team focus on content that recognises the importance of family time.

A new section of the website is the review section. Products in this section are relevant to you so car seat, pram, highchair, toys, bath essentials etc will be included, not torch, ladder or battery reviews!!!!!!

I have been asked to review a car seat suitable for this new section and was sent the Diono Cambria.

Product Specifications 

  • RRP £79
  • group 2/3 car seat 
  • suitable from 4-12 years
  • large interior dimensions to provide optimum space for growing child
  • absorbing EPA foam side panels to absorb any side impact
  • `Y` strap at back of seat secure seat in position
  • one handed adjustment of extendible headrest to accommodate growing child 
  • easy wipe fabrics
  • two snack/drinks holders

What we thought

We have been through our fair share of car seats and my first thought of the seat was how well padded the seat was.

Previous seats we have had have been quite sparse on padding which has resulted in the boys complaining of sore bottoms on long journeys. Not a problem with this seat!!!

The side impact sections are lovely and thick and the headrest area is super soft and padded.

Installation of the seat is easy and made even safer with the addition of the `y` shaped anchor strap which goes round the headrest, through the fold in the main seat and then clips behind in the boot. This added addition makes the seat super rigid so in the event of an impact the seat shouldn`t move forward at all.

`Y` strap

The fabric feels of a good quality and is wipe clean which is great for the inevitable spillages of juice or if you are really unlucky the odd splat of vomit!!

This weekend we took a trip to Legoland which is 2 hours away from us so decided that this was the perfect time to try the seat out.

Both the boys were arguing who was going to sit in it and as its suitable for both the boys age groups they took turns.

The seat was a great success and both boys fell asleep on the journeys there and back, they both looked comfy and didn't complain of sore necks on wakening which they have done in the past.

For a mid-range price value car seat this is a great one to choose and I will definitely be recommending this seat to my friends in the future.

Below is my first video review of a product...hope you like it!!!???

This product was given to me free of charge in exchange for an honest and personal review.


  1. The Y clip looks great for extra security, and I love your video review. Thanks for linkign up with #TriedTested

  2. Looks very comfy and padded really well #triedtested

  3. This looks great and one to shortlist when we need one for our now 3.5yr old! #Tried&Tested

  4. Ohhhh I love a good review. This looks like a really safe and comfy car seat. We put our 13 month old in her "big girl" car seat for the first time this weekend. It was such a hard purchase to make - there is so much choice. So it is always helpful to get other people's opinions. I will definitely bear this seat in mind when we move on from the Pearl. xx

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