Thursday, 8 May 2014

I`m a Morrison`s Mum!!

Over the Bank Holiday weekend Morrison`s via Britmums invited me to become a #Morrisonsmum and do a shop in one their stores. I was to then report back on my views of the shop and produce available.

They very kindly gave me £80 to spend in-store. This is well and truly over our weekly budget of £60 so I was excited to see how much we could get and include some naughty luxuries.

Usually I shop at Aldi or Asda and so am used to getting good value for money.

Our nearest store is in Verwood, Dorset, approximately a 25 minute drive away. I wouldn't normally go this far out of my way to go food shopping as we are very spoilt in Bournemouth and have a superstore almost every few miles!!!

So on Friday night (2nd May) I convinced ThePrMummy to come along with me and we set off in search of bargains!!!

Due to it being a bank holiday weekend and with the promise of some nice weather I decided to not take a list of things to get, but to see what stood out for me and took my fancy.

The Verwood store is currently undergoing a complete redesign with a new HUGE store being built next door. I didn't find that this impacted my shopping experience at fact it has made me want to go and see it finished as looks like its going to be massive.

Having never shopped at Morrison's before I didn't know what to expect,  I'd only had vague descriptions of the general store layouts from my Nan who lives next to a store on the Isle of Wight.

I was very pleasantly surprised!!

Everywhere I looked there were yellow I`M CHEAPER signs on the shelf edges showing that the prices had recently been was a sea of yellow!!!

Half full already!!

The fresh fruit and vegetables were situated right by the front doors so you walked straight into a vibrantly coloured, fresh smelling and widely varied selection of fruits and vegetables.

I'm used to Aldi`s offers of the week prices so was surprised to see that Morrison's prices were pretty much on a par with Aldi.

Typically my phone battery decided to die whilst walking around the store so didn't get many photos of all the lovely products available, but did get a few random ones of myself and ThePrMummy!!

As you can see from how full my trolley is and the size of my receipt that I got a lot on this shopping trip!!

That`s a rather long receipt!

My weekly budget is usually £60 to feed the 5 of us, this shop came in at £89, so it only cost me £9.......AMAZING considering I was rather naughty and filled up the bottom drawer of my freezer with ice lollies for the kids!! Emma and I were having bets on how much each of our trolleys would come to, hers came to £115 but that did include baby food and formula so she was impressed with that!! I was well out on mine saying £105.

This has to be the worst photo of me ever!!!!
Saturday night was stay at home date night with hubby and so decided to treat ourselves to a nice Italian meal. I got a meat feast pasta melt from Morrison's own chilled range with some of the amazing in-store bakery's cheddar and red onion focaccia bread.....yummy. The whole meal only cost £2.66 for the pasta meal and £1 for the focaccia.......BARGAIN.

I decided to get everything needed for a nice chicken roast on the holiday Sunday and then make a Chicken Noodle Stew for the Monday.

Here is what I got :-

1 x Morrisons Saver Peas 89p per pack, 1/4 used = 22p
1 x Morrisons Savers Chicken £3.92, 1/2 used = £1.96
1 x Morrisons Savers Carrots 59p per pack, 1/4 used = 14p
1 x Morrisons Potatoes 69p per pack, 1/2 used = 34p
1 x Morrisons Savers Broccoli 49p 
So a chicken roast dinner for 2 adults, 2 kids and 1 baby = £3.15 or 78p per serving!!!!!!!!!!!!

For my Chicken Noodle Stew I used :-

Left over chicken = £1.96
Chicken carcass for stock = free!!
3 x carrots = 14p
2 x potatoes = 17p
Ribbon Noodles from store cupboard = 20p

So a grand total of £2.27, or 45p per serving as I made enough for hubby lunch the next day!!

This photo doesnt do my Chicken Noodle Stew justice, it was delicious.

I have to say that I am genuinely surprised at the quality and price of Morrison`s products compared to the other big brand food shops. And am glad that I have managed to produce some lovely tasting budget family meals.
If I had a store nearer to me I would definitely start using Morrison's on a more regular basis but can`t justify the trip out to Verwood at the moment.

Thank you to Morrison`s and Britmums.

I was sent £80 in vouchers to spend in-store in exchange for my honest opinion which is truly my own.

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