Thursday, 24 April 2014

I`m A Godmother!!

A few weeks ago my good friend Jeni asked me to become her gorgeous new daughter, Olivia May`s godmother.

I felt so honoured to be asked to become Olivia`s godmother it made me well up!!!

My only reservation was that I haven`t attended church for a very long time and not a religious person. Would I be allowed to become her godmother and attend church??? Of course I was, there was no problem at all.

The christening was on the 6th April and as the actual baptism service would be during the first main morning service I had to be up for 6 am so I could get us all ready in time.

When I woke up I drew back the curtains in the hope that it was a gloriously sunny day, but alas it was grey and miserable. My outfit choice did`nt seem too clever now....a cream skater dress with blue flowers and my lush navy blue wedge sandals. I had nothing to match the outfit to wear over my arms so one manic texting session later and I had managed to borrow a cream cardigan from my bestie.

On arrival at the church I realised that my sandals were definitely the wrong choice in the dismal weather, within a few steps my feet were soaking.

When I was younger I was part of my local church choir so thought I knew the words to the wrong was I??? Amazing Grace was first on the list which I know very well, or so I thought!! The music starts and I`m in shock......gone is the classic organ intro into to the hymn and in its place an electric guitar solo!!! For a second I thought I was at a Coldplay concert!! Then come in the flute, acoustic guitar and bongo drums!!

I am in shock as to how modern church music has become, I think its great and might be persuaded to start going again. I didn't get married in a church and now slightly wish we had.

The whole service was great, even with us godparents nervously standing at the front of the church saying our bit!!

So now I am officially a godmother to Olivia and ready to do all that is required of me.
I wish Olivia a happy, healthy and long life and will be there for her whenever she needs me.

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