Monday, 17 November 2014

The end of an era

Last night we decided to try Benjamin in his cot-bed for the first time and it hit me....I no longer have a baby...I have a toddler!

Maybe it`s because Ben is almost certainly our last baby but I am so emotional about every little step he takes or milestone that he reaches, with the other boys I loved the fact that they were growing up. But this time I don`t want Ben to grow up.

At 18 months old we thought he was ready to try the change as he has never tried to climb out of his bed and he is usually in the same position in the morning that I put him in at bedtime.

As usual Benjamin took the move completely in his stride.

When I put him to bed after his bottle noticed straight away that something was different and kept pointing to his new bed saying "oooh da?" as if asking me what was wrong with the bed!!! It took me a few attempts to put him down and for him to stay down plus about an hour of crying and moaning but in the end he gave up and crawled into bed and fell asleep.

Tonight I put him down and walked out as normal and as I write this he is asleep!!

I cannot believe that it has been this easy to change to a bed; from previous experience with the 2 older boys I had visions of him running around his room playing with his toys and screaming and kicking at his bedroom door, but as of yet, nothing!! I know that saying that I have jinxed it and will probably be up all night with him now.

The next big milestone I am dreading, sorry, looking forward to is his first clear sentence or request.

How old were your little ones when they went into a cot-bed??

Ben`s new big boy bed!

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  1. Aww big boy Ben! We changed Elliot's cot over a few months ago and he loves his bed, especially now he's got a posh new duvet on it! Although he does seem to prefer our bed and will frequently try and climb in our bed in the middle of the night....trying to break that habit! xx