Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Scared of a little prick!!

Firstly I have to apologise for the pun in the post title!!

This post may not be read by anyone but just putting my feelings into words and typing them makes me a little better.

Since having Benjamin last year I have been having these weird episodes of feeling like I have a ball stuck under my ribs on my right side accompanied with severe arm and shoulder pain. To begin with I just assumed that I had pulled a muscle in my side and both of these feelings were because if that. After a really bad episode I went to the docs who said that I was having typical symptoms of gall bladder stones.....I was astounded as never thought that arm and shoulder pain could be something to do with an internal organ!!!

I was referred to my local hospital for a work up and after loads of blood tests, an ultrasound scan and an mri scan my consultant told me that they hadn`t found anything obvious but he was concerned as to why I was having these very painful attacks.

To move forward his advice was to have an internal endoscopic ultrasound of my gall bladder and liver. To have this I would need to be sedated as it is not the most pleasant of procedures to have done awake as you have to swallow a tube the thickness of about a normal size sausage!!!!!!

I have an appointment to have this done this Friday and I am bricking it to put it nicely!! Reading all the pre-op blurb I was sent through from the hospital was not the best idea....I know that they have to list all the possible post op complications but really, do they have to be that thorough???!! The biggest complication form this procedure is broken front teeth!!!! OMG this is my biggest phobia/fears in life; to loose my front teeth!!

Saying that having to swallow this huge tube isn't my biggest worry, having a catheter in my hand is. I know it sounds like a pathetic thing to be scared of but that's just me!! Hubby says I am ridiculous as I have had 3 babies with hardly any pain relief and I`m scared of a little needle in my hand. Having blood tests doesn't make me even bat an eyelid but for some reason the thought of a needle in my hand freaks me out.

I know I have to man up and just deal with it as there are many people out there who have to have catheters on a regular basis and worse. I`m just hoping that I dont cry and look like a baby!!

I`ll report back how it went on Friday evening if I am with it enough to type as have been told I can`t drive or look after children for 24 hours after the sedation.....I suppose I could look at it as a mini break for me but it might be a tad drastic tactic!!!!

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