Sunday, 6 July 2014

Our trip to Legoland Windsor Day #2

Day #2 of our Legoland visit was as amazing as the first; as we had done half of the park the day before were in no rush. Because of this we were able to properly take in all the amazing Lego sculptures that have been loving created over the years.

We got to the park just after 10.30am and started our assault on the attractions.

Both the boys were desperate to go and get their driving licenses in the Lego Traffic area, so headed there first.

We didn't realise that they would not be able to do the driving together as there are two mini driving areas, age and skill dependant. In the end I think it was for the best as thinking about it, it wouldn't of been the best of ideas having 3 year olds driving around with 12 year old speed demons!!

Once in the right age section each of the boys had a mini briefing on how to drive the cars and road rules then were off!!

It is safe to say that they both thoroughly enjoyed and were so proud to get their licenses

The boys digging up a storm

Unfortunately the thing that we spent doing the most on our visit was queuing. Now I am a normally a patient person but after queuing for almost an hour for every ride my patience had started to wear thin. The worst and slowest que was for the Digger challenge; I wouldn't of minded if after queuing for over an hour that the ride was of a decent duration but was not amused at less than a 10 minute go!!!!

You can purchase a Q-Bot, which is a hand held device allowing you to book a specific time for your ride or if you purchase the top level Q-bot you can eliminate queuing completely and just walk on your chosen ride in front of everyone else that has been queuing for hours!!!

If we could of afforded a Q-bot for all of us I definitely would of got one arranged and strongly advise anyone going to consider getting one. With our two days entry we managed to cover the whole park but only just. If you were going for just the day I honestly cant see how you can do all the rides in the opening times without missing a few rides.

Miniland with Alfie pulling some stupid poses!


On the submarine in Atlantis

Duplo Valley Fairy Tale Brook

Squid Surfer splash time

The Wood clan had an amazing 2 days at Legoland Windsor making tonnes of amazing memories, we are definitely planning on going back; maybe when Benjamin is old enough to enjoy it too.

Read our first days adventures at Legoland here.

This blog post is a true account of our visit to Legoland Windsor, and were not compensated in anyway for writing this post.

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  1. Looks like a great day out - I didn't realise how big it is !