Tuesday, 1 July 2014

If the shoe fits??

You will not believe the problems that I have had whilst trying to find shoes to fit Benjamin.

He has unusually wide and thick feet so have found it impossible to get ANY shoes to fit his chubby feet!!

Whilst I was pregnant I bought a few pairs of really cute pram shoes and trainers ready for him but when we came to put them on him I could literally only get his toes in them.

When I went clothes shopping I would longingly look at all the cute little shoes for boys but was saddened to know that I couldn't get Ben to wear any.

He coped really well without wearing any shoes during the winter but went through a pile of socks as he kept rubbing through the toes!!

At the beginning of the year Benjamin started to properly crawl and then progressed onto cruising between the sofas. I knew I had to get something sorted so went to the high street store that most mums go to, I wont say the name but we all know who it is!

I was told that his feet were measuring a 2.5 and off the scale for width. Their advice was to not get him any shoes until he was properly walking as the width of his feet would only increase when he was on his feet due to spreading......OK, what am I supposed to put on him to help him learn how to walk?? He can`t try to walk with me on the school run with bare feet!!

I decided to go to a few other local shoe shops to find out their opinion, only to be told exactly the same thing!!

I was not happy...that was until I met the lovely Anca from Mara Kids Shoes, a Dorset based business providing high quality shoes sourced from within the EU and supplying the whole of the UK.

After discussing my problem with Anca she assured me that she would find a pair of shoes that Ben could get his feet comfortably into.

We met up a few days ago and I am so thrilled and relieved to say that Benjamin now owns his first pair of shoes.

Because his feet are so wide we had to go for a more sturdy shoe. Being in the run up to summer I was hoping he could get some sandals but the shoes we chose are like a hybrid sandal. It has the firm sole and leather upper but has loads of cut outs to allow air flow around the foot. The shoes are a Spanish brand called Garvalin and look amazing.

If you have kids then I strongly advise that you take a look at the Mara Kid`s Shoes website and give Anca`s shoes a go, they are amazing quality and very reasonably priced.

PS...Anca has a sale on at the moment so the already reasonably priced shoes are now even better value for money.

I have written this review with no input from Mara Kid`s Shoes, I purchased the shoes myself and this is a honest review of the service I have received.


  1. Excellent that you found such fab shoes for him and even better that it's a business so close to home. I will definitely check them out. Thanks for sharing, #triedtested

  2. They sound like fantastic shoes!

  3. Oh they are gorgeous shoes, and what great customer service too. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  4. I do love the look of their shoes, the quality shows #TriedTested

  5. Oh those look fab! Glad you found some to fit. All mine have wide feet too, and I know that Livie and Luca also do wide fittings. Also if you can,I would let him go bare foot as much as possible :)
    x x

  6. I find shoe shopping so hard and my kids are only an F so pretty average. I've never put shoes on any of them till there were steady on their feet and ready to walk outside.
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested