Thursday, 26 June 2014

Marwell Sunset Party in the Park

Last week the Wood clan were invited to attend Marwell`s Sunset Party in the Park.

It was an opportunity for us to take a stroll around the wildlife park `after hours`; the park normally closes to the public at 6pm, but we had access from 6.30pm - 9.30pm.

It was a great chance to see the animals in the evening when they are usually more active so had a better chance of seeing them. I have heard so many stories of friends travelling miles to an animal park only to not see a single animal out as it was the wrong time of the day.

That was not a problem on this visit, we saw loads of animals. The day had been quite hot and muggy so with the evening drawing in the temperature had dropped a bit which had made the humans and animals more comfortable!
A chocolate pooing pigeon!!
`Velma` the Velociraptor

As an added treat to seeing the animals, various performances were put on around the park, these included flame throwers, a pair of massive penguins walking around (people in costumes, not real!!) and a pair of pigeons who would randomly squat down and poo out was hilarious to see all the kids running to the pigeons whilst squatting down to see what was being deposited!

The Rise of the Dinosaurs exhibition was a must see for the boys as they are dinosaur mad! The statues were amazing and the details on every single one were exceptional.

Available from the main information office is an adventure map detailing a trail to follow around the park with the aim to find all the featured dinosaurs on a map. The boys were thrilled to of found them all.

Along side the static dinosaurs, `Velma` the living Velociraptor was walking around the park, amazing all the children. I have to say she was amazing.

Whilst visiting the giraffes we found the fossil dig on the dinosaur trail, the kids were having so much fun we had to drag them away!!

We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and are making plans to go back during the summer holidays to see the animals again and visit the few areas we missed this visit due to there being too much to see in one day!!!

There is another Sunset Party in the Park scheduled for the 5th of July so if you want to have a fun and adventurous evening with the family you can book tickets here.

Other local bloggers who attended the event have written about their experiences - my bestie theprmummy, and the lovely Chelseamamma and CharlieMoos.

Our tickets to the Sunset Party were provided free of charge by Marwell Wildlife, we were not required to write a blog review but I felt that we had too good a time to keep quiet!

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  1. It's such a lovely event to see the park and animals that time of night. And we had such a lovely evening too :) Thanks for the mention :)