Sunday, 8 June 2014

A Great Day At The South West Blog Social Meet 2014

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the first South West Blog Social based in Exeter.

I did the drive down to Exeter from Bournemouth with the lovely Emma AKA The Pr Mummy and Joanne Dewberry.

Cue lots of girly giggling, nattering and getting lost USING the sat nav!!!!

I will never be listening to that thing again...took us miles off of course and kept telling me off!!!!!!!

We arrived at The Oddfellows, a lovely pub just of the main High Street, with slight nervousness and anticipation of what we would experience.

The pub was lovely and already buzzing with chatter and networking between bloggers from all over the country.

The day consisted of many talks to help us bloggers achieve our best; my favourite was hosted by Maria McCarthy who gave us tips on how to get our work published in magazines and even how to get a book published, something that is on my bucket list.

The event wasn`t just about learning it was also about having fun, mingling with other bloggers, and being pampered.

Part of our amazing goody bag for attending was an envelope containing the business cards of a few local businesses with some amazing offers on.

The first to catch our eye was the card of The Real McCoy, who were inviting us bloggers to visit the shop, have a nose around their amazing selection of vintage clothes and in return we could chose one of their silk scarves.

We set off down the High Street trying to find the shop. On our way there Joanne starts screaming and runs off across the road, we had no idea of what she was doing and found her with her face against a shops glass window shouting "its my book!!"....she had only gone and found one of the shops that are stocking her book, Crafting A Successful Small Business. It was safe to say she was ecstatic!!!!!

Once we found The Real McCoys a good half an hour of giggling and random photo taking ensued!!!

For some reason I had the giggles really bad and could`nt manage to look at the camera!!!

After leaving The Real McCoys we looked for the lovely studio of Erin Cox; a very talented jeweller who hand makes beautiful pieces in gold and silver. Erin has been extremely generous and offered each blogger who attended the blog meet up a gorgeous hand made silver necklace worth £35!!

Here are a few examples of the amazing jewellery available in store in Exeter and available to order on-line.

All in all the whole day was a great experience and a huge well done to the organisers...Jodie Dewberry (no relation to Joanne Dewberry!!) and Albertine Brandon. I hope they repeat this great event next year, I`ll be there!!!

Jodie and Albertine

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