Friday, 21 February 2014

Little Grippers do grip!!!

How many times have you got the kids ready, got to the car, got to nursery, arrived at a party only to find out that you have lost a sock somewhere on-route?????? I have lost count.

All 3 of my boys have got really wide and chunky little feet so have found it near impossible to find socks which stay on their feet no matter how much wriggling and crawling they did.

I have found the answer!!!

Whilst reading my Prima Mother & Baby magazine a few months ago I saw an advert for Little Grippers.

They claimed to be the only sock to stay put. I was very skeptical but decided to give them a try.

Little Grippers is a British owned brand incorporating revolutionary new robotic technology which applies a 100% natural, totally hypoallergenic `stay on technology` to each sock.

The socks can be bought individually or in gift sets of 3 pairs which come in a range of gender specific or neutral colours, prices range from £3.50 to £12.

Each Little Grippers products is easily recognized due to their unique chameleon symbol woven into the sole of each sock.

The unique chameleon 

My 3 pairs arrived in a really cute little box so you are able to give as a gift for baby shower or as a new baby present. I chose the plain grey and grey and white striped socks.

I was really intrigued to find out what the stay on technology was.

When you feel along the top edge elastic of the sock there is a shiny and sticky layer of adhesive silicone which gently adheres to your baby`s skin preventing them from rolling down and eventually falling off.

Amazingly they work!!!!

I haven`t lost a single sock since using them, they are so soft and thick and have the feel of a really high quality product.

So far they have washed and dried really well and still look like new.

Yes they are expensive, and some will say that you could buy and loose multiple pairs of socks for the cost of one of the Little Grippers, but I think they are brilliant and have recommended them to many of my mummy friends.
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  1. I used Little Grippers with my daughter and we didn't lose any. I wish I'd found them when my son was small as he continuously lost socks.

  2. Wow....I have a little boy who ALWAYS loses socks, so I am definitely going to give these a try, they look great! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  3. Funnily enough I've been putting tights on my little girl under her trousers to avoid loosing socks. These sound great though!
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  4. A sock that really does stay put on babies is worth it's weight in gold!! xx