Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Our First Holiday With 5

Last week we had our first holiday as a family of 5.

I have to admit I was nervous about how hubby and I would cope with 3 kids as previously holidays had been a breeze; 1 adult to 1 child - easy . I shouldn't of worried at all, we had an amazing time, the boys were so well behaved.

We went to Center Parcs, Longleat......and to put it simply, it was AMAZING. We have been to Longleat several times before and each time it has been wonderful, we have found something different to do every time.

How gorgeous is this to wake up to each morning??
Our days were spent lazily getting up, enjoying the view of the lake from our patio whilst eating breakfast, taking long and leisurely walks through the woods, playing crazy golf, playing in the adventure parks, swinging on the swings, bowling, mini bowling and of course spending hours each day in the tropical paradise swimming pool!!

We were lucky enough to be able to book this holiday with Alfie`s school before the new school holiday regulations came into effect.

This is unfortunately the Wood`s last visit to Center Parcs as from this September Jacob will be starting reception, so no way of getting them both out of school. Plus am sad to say the prices to stay there during the school holidays are extortionate, I do not mind paying what we did for this holiday but no way am I willing to pay almost 4 times the amount for the same holiday and same accommodation type for nothing extra compared to last week.

Here are a few photos of our break

Haha, Alfie`s ears look like they are glowing!!

Jacob busting some bowling moves!!


  1. Wow, looks like you all had a fab time! :-)

  2. Does look like it was great fun :)

  3. It looks like you had a brilliant time. And boo to the new school regulations. Whoever thought that was a good idea?!?!