Saturday, 30 November 2013

Munchkin - Easy Squeezy Spoon Review

I recently won a little competition on Twitter being held by the lovely Liz, or you may know her as The One Handed Cook, the competition was for the Munchkin Easy Squeezy Spoon.

It was perfect timing as I had just started to wean my youngest, Benjamin.

The Product Blurb

  • A baby spoon for no-mess, one handed feeding at home or on the go - feeding with a simple squeeze makes meal times a breeze!!
  • Holds 4oz of baby food
  • Made of silicone
  • BPA free
  • Suitable for 4 months onwards
  • Available in blue, green or pink

My view

The spoon I received was pink but that didn't bother me, nor Benjamin!!! 

On first inspection of the product it seemed really easy to operate, you unscrew the lid an either spoon in the food from the jar or directly in from a pouch.

The spoon has an open and closed setting to lock and seal the main food compartment so the food cannot escape whilst in transit in your bag, and a clear solid lid covering the whole spoon.

When you need to feed baby just turn to open setting, squeeze food into spoon and your off!!!

The blurb says for best results use with stage one or most stage two baby foods.

Ben eating his
I found that the spoon didn't cope very well with the stage 2 mashed food due to the small opening on the spoon, so wouldn't advise to use this in the later stages of weaning, unless you want to be unblocking the spoon all the time.

Another problem I found was that it is really hard to try and prevent any air bubbles mixing in with the food as if mid squeeze a bubble is found the food in front of it rockets out over baby and highchair!!

The concept of this spoon is good but I`m not 100% there is a need for it as the pouches and pouch spoons that are available on the market do the same job with less fuss and mess.

Saying that Benjamin did seem to enjoy being fed from this spoon but unfortunately due to it blocking up and being tricking preventing the air bubble explosions I didn`t use it as often as I should of done :-(

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