Sunday, 12 July 2015

Book Review - Be A Happier Parent With NLP

A few weeks ago I was asked if I wanted to review a new book from the author Judy Bartkowick called Be A Happier Parent With NLP.

To tell you the truth I jumped at the chance!! All 3 boys seem to be going through a phase of testing the limits in their own individual way and I have been feeling frazzled and worn-out for a while with none of my methods seeming to make any difference at all.

To begin with I was very sceptical as to how a book could change the way you parent your children. We all think that we are doing it the right I right??

Now I hear you asking what does NLP stand for?? Well NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. "Neuro" is what we think; "Linguistic" is what we communicate verbally and non-verbally; and "Programming" is how we process the communications and experiences we have.

NLP is ideal for working with children to help develop their confidence, internal referencing and communication skills. It shows you how you can show your children how to use these tools in everyday life to become happier and ease their passage through life.

The book helps you identify situations in everyday life that could be a trigger for stress or confrontation and teaches you how to approach the situation differently and so have a better outcome. You are taught to see the good in every situation and take that good and project it onto your child. Also you are advised to say different words as some words are limiting.

Instead of saying to your child never, should, can`t, must and should, you change them to a positive. So for example if you normally say "You should wash your hands before eating" you can change it to "Lets go and wash your hands before tea because they are dirty", same request just put differently.

The book is divided into many many to list here but it breaks down NLP into easy, manageable sections for you to read.

I have really enjoyed reading this book and have taken a lot from it, I admit that I wont be sticking to it 100% but I`d say 90% of the time!! I have definitely seen a difference in the boys since using this book and would highly recommend it to any parent friends.

Below is some more info on the author and where to grab your copy of Be A Happier Parent With NLP.

Judy Bartkowiak is the author of ‘Be a happier parent with NLP’ a guide to using life coaching skills to enhance your parenting. Judy and her husband Edward have four children – Lucy, Alex, Jess and Paul and live in rural Berkshire with their dogs Roxy and Holly and nine hens. Other NLP Family ( titles are:

NLP for Parents
NLP for Children (5-10yrs)
NLP for Tweens (11-14yrs)
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NLP for New Mums
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Self-Esteem Workbook
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Judy Bartkowiak comes from a business background where she worked with Toy companies and TV production companies helping them to understand children and their relationship with brands such as LEGO, Baby Born, Bratz, Thomas the Tank Engine, Pocoyo, Fireman Sam and many other well-known names. She runs Kids Brands Europe alongside her NLP training and coaching and has a Facebook Kids Panel for Market Research which is done online or from her home.

She has an NLP training and coaching practice NLP Kids, specialising in child and parenting issues and runs Kids Brands Europe ( as well as writing for children as JudyBee.

Judy loves playing tennis and reading as well as spending time with her family.

Email Judy for your FREE mini book ‘Be a happier parent with NLP’ and apply code ‘Blog’ to get 10% discount off Judy’s books  at 

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