Sunday, 5 April 2015

Weigh-In Week #11 - Finally I can see results!!

I haven`t weighed-in for a fortnight as my normal group ceased to do the evening weigh-ins. This due to my consultant Susie being so damn good that she has been promoted to a team leader.

Unfortunately due to her new commitment she has had to stop doing 3 of her 6 weigh-ins and give the evening ones to a local consultant. The time has stayed the same but location has changed to further away from me so I decided to try a new group more local to me.

So my new weigh-in night is Thursday`s, this Thursday I stepped on the scales happy with what ever the outcome was. I have to admit I had had a few naughty treats since last weigh-in so was very pleased with only a 1lb gain.

Since starting my SW journey I keep seeing before and after photos of my friends and fellow slimmers but never thought you could see my loss of a stone at all. That was until today...I was going through some older photos on my chromebook and found some rather unsightly ones of me. 

I compared them side by side and I can actually see a difference!! 

The photo on the left is from my works meet the team page and was taken about 3 years ago when I was at my heaviest, the middle one is last October and the right one is today, 4 months into my Slimming World journey.

Finally I can see that all the hard work is paying off!!

If you are about to start your Slimming World journey you MUST take some before photos, no matter how much you don`t like the look of them, its definitely worth it. I had started to doubt the diet but this has given me back the umph needed to get through the next few weeks as it is gonna be a true test of my willpower....Easter, my birthday and eldest sons birthday all within 7 days of each other!! 

If you are on Slimming World and have made an amazing meal please feel free to join in in my new blog linky that started this Friday called Fab Food Friday; a place to showcase your SW creations.

Weigh-In #11

Starting Weight - 12st 5lb

Current Weight - 11st 5.5lb - gain of 1lb

Total weight loss to date - 13.5lbs

Clothes size 14-16, was 18-20

Fab Food Friday

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  1. You look fantastic and you can definitely see a difference! I've just moved my weigh in from a Wednesday morning to a Thursday evening simply because the group was massive! Thursdays is much quieter however I'm in two minds whether I should eat before I go! Keep up the good work!

  2. You can really see a difference and in 11 weeks only that's amazing - well done x

  3. Wow Your face looks completely different and your skin looks great!

  4. WOW....the difference in you is amazing and you are looking fantastic! So proud of you and I hope you are of yourself too! Thanks so much for linking up with Slimming world Sunday! x

  5. You really can tell the difference, well done! #slimmingworldsunday