Thursday, 9 April 2015

Minecraft Creeper Crochet Blanket

Regular readers will know that I have recently become obsessed with crochet!! As a New Year`s resolution I decided that I wanted to try and new craft and here I am 4 months later and am addicted.

To begin with I tried the good old granny square then on to a c2c (corner 2 corner) blanket. About 3 weeks ago whilst I was recovering from having my gallbladder removed I was working on my current WIP, a large c2c blanket for the sofa, when Alfie said he would like me to make him a blanket in the style of Minecraft!!!

His birthday is this Saturday the 11th so I decided I`d try to make him a Minecraft Creeper style blanket, but with only 3 weeks to do it in and still being a newbie to crochet what could I do in that time??

After much faffing and deliberation I desgined a Creeper`s face, using 80 8x8 c2c sqaures - 60 green and 20 black. I chose the c2c design as I knew that it worked up quickly and I could do it anywhere due to the size of the small squares.

I allotted myself the task of making at least 4 squares a day so I could be finished in time for Alfie`s birthday. Somehow I have managed to complete all the squares with time to spare but never factored in the time it would take to stitch it all together...cue lots of late nights staying up till gone midnight to get it finished.

Here it is in all its glory finished with 2 days to spare!!!

Here is the pattern that I designed if you fancy trying it yourself. I used 5 x Women`s Institute 100gm in Lime and 2 x 100gm Women`s Institute in Black...this is definitely a yarn eater!!

Each square is 8 individual squares of 3 x dc and 3 ch x 8.

I used the video below to learn how to do a c2c square...

Please spam me with your Minecraft creations xx


  1. That is awesome! Something my girls would love.
    What a great hobby x

  2. Thank you for joining my Link Party! Awesome blog and blanket =)

  3. Such a fun idea and it looks like the way you have planned it out it wouldn't be hard at all.

    Thank you for sharing!

  4. This looks fab, my son would love it. I'd like to give it a try for his birthday which is end of November.. I'm a newbie at crochet so I'm sure it will take me a while. Could you please post the best video showing how to do the decrease? Thank you x

  5. How did you join your squares?